North to Alaska - Consolidated / Updated Rules:


Objective - Delivery of a new Cessna aircraft from Wichita to Nome Alaska


Eligible Aircraft - Any Cessna single engine aircraft is eligible, or twin engine piston aircraft.



Start at the Cessna Aircraft Airport, Wichita, Kansas KCEA

Finish at Nome Airport, Nome, Alaska - PAOM

Altitude must be no higher than 10,000 ft

Maximum leg limit 350 nm

Maximum leg flight time 2 hours

Otherwise no route requirements or restrictions


Time of Day - start each day's flight within 1 hour of dawn. You can fly multiple flights per day - just use a reasonable time offset for the pit stop and refuel. There should be little night flying and only for landing a leg begun in daylight.


Winning Criteria Flight Time * Fuel Usage Factor


Single or Team - You can fly this trip as an individual or as a team with other pilots - I intend to have my 11 year old granddaughter fly some legs.


In general all MSFS RTW General Race Rules about weather, realism, Duenna reports, etc apply

Best Flight Time / Lowest Fuel Consumption win prizes - fuel usage calculated by Duenna takeoff weight - Duenna landing weight. Different classes for similar aircraft, i.e. C172 class, C182 class (incl C177), C206/C210 class, SE RG Class, Light Twin Class - C337/C421, depending upon entries

Penalties -

Over two hours flight time - three to one penalty like the RTW - will be added to scored time. Time is Duenna Flight Time.

Over 10,000 ft - 10 minute penalty + 30 minute penalty for each 10 minute period over 10,000 ft recorded in Duenna text file.

Over 11,000 ft - leg is disqualified and counts as a crash.

Crash - 1 hour penalty. Must start next leg at crash airport or an airport near crash site farther back along flight track. Crash Duenna with geographic location must be posted.