Flight Sim Team Members USA Criss Cross Flight Planning

Be sure to read the rules - http://web.mac.com/mkopack/Mikes_World/2007_USA_Criss_Cross_Rules.html

MSFS RTW Race rules apply - real world weather - RTW realism settings

But you do NOT have to fly in real time - you can fly in day time

This is NOT a first to the finish race - it is fastest time - we have time to do this right.

Crashes - if you crash - the baton can be returned to the airport for the start of the leg and you can start over - with NO penalty.

If you wish - you can take a one hour penalty at the airport where the plane crashed - but unless we are getting close to the end of the race deadline - it would be better to refly the leg.

FS2004 - FSX and FSNav flight plans of the entire route - USA-Criss_Cross.zip

1. All posts need to be on the thread Reggie and Friends on Sim-OutHouse Forum


Post type:

I have the baton @ airport XXXX heading to airport XXXX in the __________

Baton is free at airport XXXX

2. Attach both the Duenna .jpg and the Duenna .txt files to your baton is free post.

3. The planned route is to get all 48 state bonuses (12 hours) and all 20 bonus airports (40 hours). The route is about 11,735 nm long and does include the authorized jet corridor leg from KCRW to KSLC. It should take between 45 and 48 flying hours - so we will have a net negative time for the race.

4. There are only three unlit airports (WN10, 58MN, KAFF) - but most of the airports do not have ILS for landing. There are alternate airports close with ILS if you need to land there and salvage a leg. Try to land in the same state as the leg destination airport. Going back to pick up a missed state will be a problem. The STATE is essential - except of course for bonus airports.

5. 2 HOUR flight time limit - land early but should not be a problem on any leg.

5. 750nm HARD distance limit - not a problem with this FP

6. A great tool for working on routing is the Great Circle Mapper web site - just be sure to change the Path Distance to NM



Bonus airports in Blue - Required airports in Red

Code Location Distance this leg (FS2004) Bonus Time State Bonus Notes
KHST Homestead [Homestead Air Reserve Base], FL, US       Start
KTTS Titusville [NASA Shuttle Landing Facility], FL, US 188.3 2:15 FL X68 in FS2004 and some FSX - #1 state - #1 bonus
KHXD Hilton Head Island [Hilton Head Airport], SC, US 216.5 0:15 SC #2 state
KPDK Atlanta [Dekalb-Peachtree Airport], GA, US 206.5 2:15 GA #3 state - #2 bonus
7A6 Stevenson, AL, US 95.9 0:15 AL #4 state
1M7 Fulton, KY, US 180.7 0:15 KY #5 state
0M2 Tiptonville [Reelfoot Lake Airport], TN, US 21.0 0:15 TN #6 state
7M7 Piggott [Muni], AR, US 40.0 0:15 AR #7 state
KSUS St. Louis [Spirit of St. Louis Airport], MO, US 138.9 2:15 MO #8 state - #3 bonus
K59 Atchison [Amelia Earhart Airport], KS, US 217.7 0:15 KS #9 state
KSDA Shenandoah [Muni], IA, US 71.7 0:15 IA #10 state
KPMV Plattsmouth [Muni], NE, US 25.8 0:15 NE #11 state
KCUT Custer [Custer County Airport], SD, US 379.9 2:15 SD #12 state - #4 bonus
KCOD Cody [Yellowstone Regional Airport], WY, US 237.5 2:15 WY #13 state - #5 bonus
KWYS West Yellowstone [Yellowstone Airport], MT, US 90.0 0:15 MT #14 state
KPDT Pendleton [Eastern Oregon Regional Airport at Pendleton], OR, US 331.9 0:15 OR #15 state
WN10 Cougar [Mount St. Helen's Aero Ranch Airport], WA, US 148.9 2:15 WA #16 state - #6 bonus - unlit short 2,600 ft grass strip - might want to stop at KDLS and fly helicopter to this airport if timing is right
4W6 Blaine [Muni], WA, US 180.3     Required airport - NW corner
KSZT Sandpoint, ID, US 248.0 0:15 ID #17 state
D50 Crosby [Muni], ND, US 526.7 0:15 ND #18 state
58MN Warroad [Northwest Angle Airport], MN, US 323.7 2:15 MN #19 state - #7 bonus - unlit short 2,380 ft grass strip right on the edge of the lake. If you have Ultimate Terrain - WATCH OUT - the east end of the runway may be over water.
KBUU Burlington [Muni], WI, US 488.6 0:15 WI #20 state
KCGX Chicago [Merrill C Meigs Airport], IL, US 58.7 2:15 IL #21 state - #8 bonus - Possible helicopter leg - this airport is NOT in FSX - an exclude and afcad type file are here - KCGX-NGZ.zip - FSX ONLY - place in the Addon Scenery/ Scenery folder in FSX
KANQ Angola [Tri-State Steuben County Airport], IN, US 113.7 0:15 IN #22 state
KTOL Toledo [Toledo Express Airport], OH, US 57.3 0:15 OH #23 state - Possible helicopter leg
KDUH Lambertville [Toledo Suburban Airport], MI, US 11.3 0:15 MI #24 state
KIAG Niagara Falls [Intl], NY, US 224.2 2:15 NY #25 state - #9 bonus
KFSO Highgate [Franklin County State Airport], VT, US 275.1 0:15 VT #26 state - This is the Start of the water legs - aircraft taking off from this airport must be able to land on water
60B Jackman [Moose River SPB], ME, US 126.5 0:15 ME #27 state - required water landing and water takeoff from this river airport - if you have Ultimate Terrain - check the airport first before trying this leg
KFVE Frenchville [Northern Aroostook Regional Airport], ME, US 127.8     Required airport - NE corner
KPSM Portsmouth [Pease Intl], NH, US 273.8 0:15 NH #28 state
KMVY Vineyard Haven [Martha's Vineyard Airport], MA, US 101.5 2:15 MA #29 state - #10 bonus
KWST Westerly [Westerly State Airport], RI, US 53.6 0:15 RI #30 state - Possible helicopter leg
KGON Groton (New London) [Groton-New London Airport], CT, US 11.0 0:15 CT #31 state
KEWR Newark [Newark Liberty Intl], NJ, US 103.5 2:15 NJ #32 state - #11 bonus
KPHL Philadelphia [Intl], PA, US 69.5 0:15 PA #33 state
KILG Wilmington [New Castle Airport], DE, US 20.5 0:15 DE #34 state
KCGS College Park, MD, US 74.0 0:15 MD #35 state
KDCA Washington [Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport], DC, US 9.4 2:00   #12 bonus - does not count as a state for this race
KDAA Fort Belvoir [Davison AAF], VA, US 10.6 0:15 VA #36 state - though if Auston is flying this leg - he might want to land at Virginia Beach instead
KFFA Kill Devil Hills [First Flight Airport], NC, US 177.1 2:15 NC #37 state - #13 bonus
KCRW Charleston [Yeager Airport], WV, US 316.2 0:15 WV #38 state - start of jet corridor - takeoff from this airport in a jet with a range of at least 1600 nm - no time limit on this flight
KSLC Salt Lake City [Intl], UT, US 1,405.3 0:15 UT #39 state
NGZ Closed Naval Air Station Alameda,. CA 512.4 2:15 CA #40 state - #14 bonus (note in the GCM mapper site - I had to use KOAK because this airport is closed. The closed runways are present in FS2004 and FSX
KNRS Imperial Beach [Imperial Beach NOLF (Ream Field)], CA, US 403.8     Required airport - SW corner
61B Boulder City [Muni], NV, US 231.6 2:15 NV #41 state - #15 bonus
KINW Winslow [Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport], AZ, US 209.6 2:15 AZ #42 state - #16 bonus
5V5 Shiprock [Shiprock Airstrip], NM, US 140.6 0:15 NM #43 state
KTEX Telluride [Telluride Regional Airport], CO, US 84.3 0:15 CO #44 state - 1 landing required at an airport with an elevation above 9,000 - only this airport and KLXV are good airports for that to occur - FS2004 warning - there is a scenery error with an NDB shack in the runway which will cause a crash near the west end of the runway - be careful if you do not have a fix
KAFF Colorado Springs [USAF Academy Airstrip], CO, US 157.7 2:00   #17 bonus
17K Boise City, OK, US 171.0 0:15 OK #45 state
KSSF San Antonio [Stinson Muni], TX, US 490.1 2:15 TX #46 state - #18 bonus
KBRO Brownsville [Brownsville/South Padre Island Intl], TX, US 213.1 2:00   #19 bonus (Note - if the water landing in Maine does not work out - this is an alternate leg - from KSSF to KNGP - NAS Corpus Christi - land in the lagoon next to the airport - take a screen shot to verify the Duenna - and takeoff from the water for KBRO)
KMSY New Orléans [Louis Armstrong New Orléans Intl], LA, US 451.9 0:15 LA #47 state
KHSA Bay St. Louis [Stennis Intl], MS, US 47.3 0:15 MS #48 state
KEYW Key West [Intl], FL, US 537.6 2:00   #20 bonus
KHST Homestead [Homestead Air Reserve Base], FL, US 93.4     FINISH - Required airport SE corner

Total Distance and Bonus Time

11,734.4 nm 52.0 hours 48 states